Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media Practice

The Foundation Diploma is a free one-year course where students explore all the areas across art, design and media before identifying the degree pathway that is right for them. The year encourages experimentation through diverse strategies. Students make original, creative work that reflects their developing perspectives and ideas about the purpose of art, design and media. Within constantly evolving creative industries, the confidence to innovate and experiment is a vital tool that our students will take from the Foundation year.

Whilst the final exhibitions are a time to celebrate the distinctive individual efforts and character of each student, it’s also worth reflecting on the value of collective endeavour undertaken within a Foundation year. One example of this can be seen within the innovative and lively student-led publication, entirely designed and developed by students working independently over one week at the end of the year. This project is one of many that underpins our students’ individual development. Collaborative projects and a lively, social studio environment are essential to our courses and (despite any challenges this year) it has been something we have all worked together to maintain.

So, as our students progress from Foundation to courses here in Sunderland and across the UK, we would like to congratulate all of our students on supporting one another so well this year and celebrate all of your achievements too.