MA Design

Without fail, I am always blown away each year by the integrity and quality of work from the MA Design students. Despite the difficult situation we are all experiencing at the moment, my students have taken the challenges full-on and produced some fantastic work.

Design is about problem-solving and making the world a better place. The diversity and breadth of designs showcased here include animation, games design, illustration, graphics, interactive media, virtual reality and architectural studies. We have projects that deal with the theoretical contexts of design, exploring the theory of authenticity, the sense of touch and materiality. One student explored the context of memories and the recycling of materials to create an entire hand-stitched corset and skirt. There is a pilot series for an animated series that deals with mental health issues in young people. Another student designed a board game that was inspired by the travels of Marco Polo, and another student designed a set of pop-up books to educate young children on Chinese cultural festivals. The list goes on.

As you explore the work in greater detail, you will notice the depth of research and the exploration of the entire design process, ranging from ideation, prototyping and production. I am immensely proud of my students’ achievements, and on behalf of the MA Design Team, we wish them all the very best for the future.