Fedra Matolcsi

MA Photography | Class of 2020

Fedra Matolcsi, born in Miskolc is a digital artist working in Budapest, Hungary, and Sunderland, UK. Since completing her bachelorette degree in Conceptual Photography in 2018 at the Budapest Metropolitan University, Matolcsi had several opportunities to learn from the bests and deepen her knowledge in all fields of visual arts. Her signature style is mixed media and her works represent the fluidity between visual formats while digging deep into taboo topics, personal and social issues. Outside of her conceptual practice, Matolcsi works as a commercial and lifestyle photographer in the North East of England.

“Sometimes I find myself longing. Longing for the past, the memories I have… I wish I could go back. But would it be good? I am afraid it wouldn’t be the same.”

Memories of places fills my mind when I think of my past. I travelled and moved so much, it almost feels like I have no home. Places that comforted me are not protecting anymore. The sadness of leaving these beloved spaces behind, and breaking the attachments I felt are the strings that pulled this project together.

Placelessness showcases the strange feeling of returning to places I once attached to.

Bush is here to make you think, to empower you, so you can embrace your body the way YOU like it. Do you prefer smooth or hairy? Do what you got to do, and do not bow to the pressure, because it is your body, and no one else’s. Filter the negative energies with your body hair and give the society that feminist fierce attitude it deserves.

Bush is only about you, so take its power, and give yourself the self-love you