Iam Burn

MA Photography | Class of 2020

Iam Burn is a photographer and photo-based visual artist based in Sunderland, UK.

Burn exhibits a responsibility to the social and political capacity of photography. Using photography, multimedia and archival imagery, he applies his own traumas, experiences and curiosities to evoke a wider public discussion. In his reflective, research-led photo-based practice, Burn combines visual strategies, genres and media.


The Lion and the EUnicorn
The Lion and the EUnicorn (2019), shows his appreciation for archival imagery and embracing the written word as part of his practice. Tackling the issue of Brexit, Burn chose a challenging topic in which to respond photographically. His understanding of the situation, both politically and socially, mixed with in-depth research, allowed Burn to create a publication which took a neutral stance. This allowed the reader to draw their own conclusion regarding his opinion. In doing so, the reader demonstrated their own views on the subject subconsciously.