Jake Carley

MA Photography | Class of 2020

The term “darkspots” refers to an area in which phone signal hasn’t yet reached. These places can be considered dark as the waves used to transport information are a form of light (although outside our visual spectrum) therefore the lack of this light can be considered darkness.

Jake began photographically mapping ‘darkspots’ before the outbreak of Covid-19 in the UK. The significance of quality phone signal became even more acute during lockdown, when often our only freedom comes in the form of online content consumption. Jake sees that once restrictions are lifted a detox of sorts maybe be required. His publication ‘Darkspots’ might prove a valuable guide to discovering places of sanctuary for this.

A common theme within Jake’s work is that of unseen infrastructure, previously working with topics like undersea transatlantic cables, and currently, with his project “stoplines” the network of WWII defensive bunkers lining the coast of the north east.