Laura Lambton

MA Fine Art | Class of 2020

Laura-Lambton-MA-Fine-Art-University -of-Sunderland-Creatives

My work explores the human response to hair loss; with influences stemming from my own life long experiences with Alopecia. The context of the work looks at the emotions, relationships and identity issues that are responses to losing a definitive physical feature like the hair is.

While I have used a wide array of materials to explore the most effective way to produce an outcome that reflects on these contexts, I currently focus on a mostly digital approach as it felt a natural progression that complemented the contemporary issues of self-confidence in the digital age. The effects of social media (and media in general) is prominent in society and is particularly harsh towards the idea of looking physically ‘different’ and influences how a person presents themselves, not only online but to those around them through fear of not being what society considers ideal in regards to current beauty standards.

Using a digital media to reflect on this felt necessary as it allows me to add patterns, colours and various elements and techniques that reflect in the influences previously stated.


Work available for sale, email me for more information.