Lucy Wilkinson

MA Design | Class of 2020

The studio output exhibited here reflects my interest in experiential learning and craftsmanship. It is based on the writing of Finnish architect Juhani Pallasmaa, whose work calls for a recognition of the importance of the senses and the body on creative practice and lived experience. Pallasmaa’s architectural practice and theory cautions against the western tendency to prioritise the purely visual sense. His work utilises eastern philosophies of space, light and balance, and advocates the use of natural materials which show the passage of time as a means of enhancing our experience of existing in the physical world. This is reflected in my work, which combines eastern and western wood-based printmaking techniques and materials, referencing the differing outlooks of both parts of the world regarding the emphasis of the visual (the west) and the greater inclination to acknowledge all of the senses in the design process (the east).