Lyn Killeen

MA Fine Art | Class of 2020

Memory is at the heart of my work; it engages with emotions and raises concerns. My ideas originate from an interest in historical context including people and places, loss, absence and trace. In the past I have made sense of my thinking by memorialising certain situations both in my own artwork and in my role as a participatory arts practitioner, for example by producing community project ‘Silent Voices’ to memorialise 183 lost lives as a result of a tragedy in Sunderland. Mortality, loss and absence reoccur inherently as ideas which I aim to project as a poignant message. I try to touch people in a direct way; it’s a way of speaking to people. I am influenced by the powerful yet poetic way in which Christian Boltanski creates his autobiographical installations. I am interested in the spaces he creates, generating a sense of hushed wonder and a poignant evocation of loss. The way in which he interprets his ideas to convey his concepts deeply resonate with my way of thinking. One of my current concerns is in the spirituality of breath and this extends to recent investigations into fragility, including exploration of lung disease in relation to personal connection to this concept. My aim is to present my ideas in a poetic way which is both spiritual and evocative. By creating an atmospheric experience which echoes ethereal qualities, I aim to evoke an emotional response. Fundamental to my practice is the essence of the materials I source; using found material combined with projection, light, shadow, movement and sound to create immersive installation are all powerful methods I explore to allure the viewer.