Terry Varley

MA Glass and Ceramics | Class of 2020

As an artist, my inspiration comes from my love for the sea and the world beneath it. During annual family holidays to Lundy, (an island in the Bristol channel), where I learnt to dive, the variety of sea life, with their shapes, patterns and colours, have and still do inspire me in my work. I like focussing on the details and textures and giving impressions of the movements within the sea.

Developing new skills and techniques on the Glass and Ceramics course at the National Glass Centre, I have been able to combine these with techniques I acquired as a scientific Illustrator. This has enabled me to further develop my ideas by putting illustrations onto glass using paint, etching and sandblasting techniques. Using a combination of detailed and abstract approaches, I hope they capture some of the essence and beauty of the undersea world for other people to enjoy.