Tracy Thomas

MA Photography | Class of 2020

Tracy Thomas’ photographic interest is to document social and cause-related stories, seeking ways in which this can be achieved through exploration of ideas and research. Much of Tracy’s work is made in collaboration with Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), this has led her to reflect upon how she approaches her work and the ethics that surround it, examining how it impacts on the people and situations she is working in.

Tracy’s intention is to continue to work with organisations such as NGOs to document social and environmental projects, to raise issues and concerns and for her photographic work to stimulate wider public interest and critical discussion.


Humans and dogs have lived together for thousands of years. Evolving from wild pack animals, they have now become invaluable to humans and most now live in symbiotic relationships. There are however a few breeds that continue to work or to be used as a commodity to human advantage.

Focusing on a dog that is symbolic with racing, coursing, hunting and baiting, the sighthound, this project provides an insight into their past. These dogs are put to work, usually for financial gain or entertainment, and once they fail to perform or are no longer required, they are discarded. This work responds to this by engaging with sighthounds and their human with a view of challenging our behaviour towards a breed of animal which is often overlooked. It questions the motivation to use these dogs in a way that some find unacceptable and calls into question the right to do so.