Albat Ross

BA (Hons) Artist Designer Maker: Glass and Ceramics | Class of 2020

Coming from a background in poetry and creative writing I often employ literary themes in my practice taking inspiration from contemporary American writers and poets.

I often explore boundaries and margins with a view to deliver satirical social commentary. I am not afraid to play devil’s advocate or oppose modern social mores. I lend my own brand of humour to serious subject matter.

My continuing art practice is informed by my expanding knowledge of multiple mediums. I frequently contemplate the use of various materials such as glass, ceramics, leather, silver, lead, industrial building materials and consider specific uses of lighting. I regularly mix mediums, combining techniques and transferring skills between disciplines to achieve my intentions.

I have a longstanding appreciation for utilitarian and functional wares and still enjoy the process of creating for use.

Work available for sale, contact artist for more information