Amanda Summers

BA (Hons) Fine Art | Class of 2021

For this final show I decided to let myself get messy and not care so much about where my work will lead or what the outcome would look like. I also included some of my personal found objects and artefacts into my paintings to see how the textures, colours and materials would look. I wanted to bring two different worlds together and see the contrast, and also explore the movement of the paint alongside the bones, dirt and butterflies on the canvases.

What I have done is put the solid materials on the canvas, then poured or splashed the acrylic paint into it with either a cup, a paint brush or even a balloon. One of my main inspirations was Jackson Pollock, who would use the pouring technique or splashing household paints onto the canvas. He also gave me the inspiration to just let go and not think too much about how my work would turn out.