Amy Darbyshire

BA (Hons) Photography, Video and Digital Imaging | Class of 2021

Amy Darbyshire, born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, is a lens based artist who resides in the North-East of England. Amy specializes in landscape photography, documenting historical and current issues using a topographic approach to comment on these matters. Darbyshire’s work has been recognised by the BBC, National Trust and Sunderland Echo and her work has been exhibited in Auburn Art Gallery, Los Angeles. A new interest in wildlife photography has inspired Darbyshire to continue her practice since completing her photography degree.


Reclaiming the Riverside
Sunderland was once a populated traditional industrial site, home to shipyards, Wearmouth Colliery, Lambton Staithes, Sunderland Power Station and Vaux Brewery. With the nationalisation of shipbuilding, unemployment was on the rise and houses were demolished, leading to Sunderland’s rapid decline and the closure of all of these industries during the late 20th century. 

Sunderland is currently regenerating six areas, building 1,000 homes, 1,000,000 square foot of office space and 33 hectares of green space. The areas include: Sheepfolds, Ayre’s Quay, Farringdon Row, Riverside Park, Vaux and the Heart of the City. This will be the UK’s first carbon neutral urban quarter, costing £450 million to complete, with plans in the future to re-establish a further three areas in Sunderland: Crowtree, Holmeside and Sunniside. This series documents the regeneration across these nine sites, commenting on how the area declined, while showcasing the rich history Sunderland holds.

Discover Sunderland
Lockdown has now become a regular part of our lives, trapping us indoors for weeks on end without much contact with the outdoors. For a growing number of people, one consequence is that their mental health has been affected as we spend less time outside and more time working at home, staring at screens, often with no social interactions. Spending just thirty minutes outdoors increases work productivity, reduces stress levels and has many other health benefits. There are many green spaces and free outdoor attractions around Sunderland to explore – all of which can help calm the mind from the day-to-day stresses we currently face.