Andy Przybyla

BA (Hons) Photography, Video and Digital Imaging | Class of 2021

Andy Przybyla is a digital photographer with a love of creative photography both in the studio and outdoors. Being imaginative, he loves working with other creative people and views much of his work as collaborative. He often undertakes commercial work including weddings and corporate commissions.

Andy loves to learn and has recently completed his BA (Hons) Degree in Photography, but also regularly attends various photography classes and studio days. Photography is part of his social life and people rightly feature in a lot of his work, but not all. Andy loves to capture great landscapes and architectural images too.

During the lockdown and following restrictions of the Covid-19 Pandemic, both the Entertainment and Wedding sectors faced significant disruption. While the impacts vary widely in the different sub-sectors, I was one of those hit hardest. I needed to respond to how it left me and many of my colleagues feeling. People who had worked hard to make successful small businesses were now facing financial hardship and were feeling the strain both physically and mentally.

I created this piece of work to make visible these entertainers stuck at home – battling a situation way beyond their control, suffering for nothing they had done wrong. My challenge was to navigate the restrictions in place to capture the story you are about to see. My duty was to represent the industries I work in and the friends I have made. If this makes just one person feel better for a while, I’ve done my job!