Ben Whiteley

BA (Hons) Graphic Design | Class of 2020

Producing creative solutions for real life problems and then developing them to fruition is my process as a designer.This approach is used to address issues of mental health and its devastating impact amongst the young in our community. Specifically, I focus on male suicide as it is the main cause of death for those aged under 45 – which is heart-breaking.

My work follows a campaign structure using the tagline ‘Break Your Bottle’ at the front and with an app and motion graphic being the main touch-points. Visual perspective and fluidity were explored extensively; aiming to encourage our emotional openness with each other by breaking the confines of bottling up emotions. The app creates a facility for people to track their emotions, participate in relaxation or stimulating activities; with a forum platform in which users can share perspectives – a place for anything and everything to be discussed, in comfort.