Bethany Joyce Wynd

BA (Hons) Fine Art | Class of 2021

My current practice has been focused on portraiture and centred around drawing. Working on a small to medium scale, I have been contrasting isolated figurative images against flat coloured backgrounds, to examine emotion and to explore how colour can affect how we perceive an image. I use pre-existing digital photographs of individuals whom I admire as references for my work, in order to have a more personal connection rooted within it.

The essence of my work is to capture character, emotion, and individuality through the process of drawing; I strive to capture that certain something that drew me to that person in the first place. Adding colour to the background is the final stage of my process as I allow the final image to contribute to the colour choice. I also add colour at the end as it frames the subject, further emphasising them as the focal point.

For the most part, the colour that I use for the background is consciously selected; I chose colours that I think best suit each piece by taking composition, style, and the depicted subject all into consideration, though in some instances my colour choices are somewhat intuitive.