Brooklyn Sherlock

BA (Hons) Fine Art | Class of 2021

I have always been interested in portraiture as it allows me to capture the personality and character of the individual in my work. Throughout my time at university, I have been focusing more on capturing my family and friends. This gives me a more personal connection with the work.

Originally, I was mainly using graphite pencil, however, over the last year, I have broadened my use of materials, using biro pens, fine liners, and acrylic paint.

I am interested in photorealism, particularly the work of Chuck Close, who creates large-scale paintings of his family and friends. I like to add a sense of realism to my work, and while my work doesn’t fit in with the photorealistic style, it is a style that influences my work.

I have recently discovered the work of Jonathan Yeo; His portraits have influenced my work too. I have experimented with his style, focusing on the portrait itself, rather than other details like the hair, clothing and background. This means that the viewer can focus on the important part of my work – the individual.