Caitlin McCann

BA (Hons) Animation and Games Art | Class of 2021

I am a 2D animator, who enjoys experimenting with different styles of animation. I also like developing my skills in concept art and video editing in my spare time. As an artist I am always striving to better myself by either drawing regularly, researching into different industry roles, and learning new drawing techniques or new exciting software that can take my animations to the next level. When animating, I like to attract the viewer’s eye with visually appealing designs and colours, and I also like to match my animations up with engaging and dramatic music. I believe I have a good understanding of what goes on behind the scenes when making an animation and its design process and I am always willing to learn. I am a hard-working, determined and creative worker, driven to create entertaining and visually appealing animations for my audience. My career aspirations are to work as a 2D animator and the showreel I have produced so far shows the skills and confidence I have developed in these areas throughout the course. I am ambitious and keen to work as a 2D animator and illustrator who can also inspire people to follow their dreams and goals, even through difficult times.

Caitlin McCann Showreel

Caitlin McCann - Stacey Space (Final Major Project)

Caitlin McCann - Game App Trailer

Caitlin McCann - 11 Second Club Brief

Caitlin McCann - Cat