Callum Colman

BA (Hons) Artist Designer Maker: Glass and Ceramics | Class of 2020

Curiosity is at the epicentre of my work. My initial interest in glass art stemmed from a curiosity as to how such a material, which is primarily used for functional purposes, has the versatility to be morphed into something extremely beautiful. My inquisitiveness did not end there. To this day I use glass to both ask and answer questions that interest me. Some of my earlier work addressed some of the matters surrounding extra-terrestrial life and the vast unknown, questions that we all had as children. More recently I used glass to explore our culture in which information about everything and everybody is readily available, and the impact this has on our mental health. In the future I aim to explore deeper and darker subjects within my work.

I strive to continually diversify my work, developing and challenging interesting new techniques as a way of maintaining my own child-like curiosity. In a world that often appears negative or serious, the viewers of my work are encouraged to take themselves back to their childhood in order to dwell on the deepest phenomena our world has to offer in a more curious and innocent way.