Charlie Cook

Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media Practice | Class of 2021

Covid Summer 
My project began in reaction to government posters on the Covid-19 pandemicI felt they were focussed on making people feel guilty about breaking the restrictions on socialising. I believe this was an aggressive way to communicate.  Consequently, I explored different types of advertising to understand this method of manipulation.  
Driven by research, I focussed on typography to create different moods through varying styles. I was drawn to playful and experimental typefaces and explored this in a range of media, including digital collage, screen print and mark-making.  My theme, Covid Summer’ was to document the easing of restrictions and the coming of summer. 


I therefore experimented with creating a series of posters that would provoke a reaction of relief, in contrast to the governments’ posters. I would like to distribute the posters publicly as a way of making the art more accessible allowing people to have a positive message for the future.