Colin Pickett

BA (Hons) Photography, Video and Digital Imaging | Class of 2021

Specialising in still life and architectural photography with an environmental edge, Colin uses digital media as well as traditional film photography, depending on the requirements of his subject matter. 

He is located in the North East, where the clash between nature and industry is its most apparent within the United Kingdom.

Each of the groups of images produced begins with a concept and is developed into a final, considered series of images.

Ultimately, Colin aims to affect positive change with his images by highlighting issues that may become overlooked. Each of his images contains a message that the viewer is required to decipher and therefore his work always requires viewer engagement.

Drawing on his professional experience of working within construction and science sectors, Colin produces imagery based upon research and grounded in fact. 

I aim to produce images which require the viewer to consider the details and as such, promote engagement and positive change.

I undertake in-depth research in order to fully understand the subject matter and to enable me to make considered creative decisions. Depending on the subject at hand, this may result in still life or documentary images produced via digital, analogue or film media. The images presented here reflect the influence of 17th Century Vanitas and Momento Mori paintings.

The environment, both built and natural, form the focal point of my work. I am passionate about the need to rebalance man’s requirements with that of the living world and to restore the damage caused by incessant greed and ego.