Colleen Jackson

BA (Hons) Photography, Video and Digital Imaging | Class of 2021

Colleen Jackson is a photographer based in the North East and is originally from Lincolnshire.
In her photographic practice, Colleen explores and intimately tells the story of her life, her family’s, and the lives of other creatives through themes of nature.
Colleen’s commercial work specialises in equine photography, both portraits and events. She has photographed the University of Sunderland’s Equestrian Club for the past 4 years, which she is also a member and the current president of.

A Flying Visit
My Grandad and I shared a love for art and birds; he often painted them and I’ve photographed them. He not only inspired me, but my whole family to be creative.

This project began in September 2020, not long after finding out he’d been diagnosed with cancer, learning he wouldn’t be strong enough to go through treatment. At this point I hadn’t been home to visit my family in 8 months due to the pandemic but still wanted to find a way to connect with him, despite the distance. In December, I was lucky to visit home and while he didn’t have much energy to talk, he smiled. Grandad passed away a couple days after that.

I want to share the creative influence my Grandad had on me and also his love for nature. Your art does not need to be perfect, all that matters is that you enjoy yourself.

Giddy up and go
East Boldon Riding Centre is a young riding school in the South Tyneside area that has quickly built a loyal client base and has recently been nominated ‘Riding School of the Year 2021’ in the Equestrian Business Awards. As a member of the University of Sunderland’s Equestrian Club, I had the joy of taking riding lessons at EBRC this year, since the club moved to their new venue. During this time I have been photographing the weekly lessons and working with the school to provide photographs they can use for their own promotion. The school’s ethos is to instill care, build courage, develop confidence and create smiles. All of which I aimed to capture in photographs along with the connection between horse, rider and instructor. The genuine happiness many feel while riding there has to be thanks to the hard work their staff put in.