Craig Thomas Richardson

BA (Hons) Fine Art | Class of 2021

My current style of artwork is based on exploring how different themes can be manipulated into a more contemporary fashionable state of design. These designs have a very strong presence through the use of character expression and posing. My artwork consists of very strong influences such as fashion, Drag queens and sexual ambiguity. The reason I explore these influences in my work is because in recent societal norms the topic of Drag queens and gender non-conformity has become a lot more mainstream.

As a result of my latest project, studying how and why fairy tales have such a strong influence on society, I came to the realisation, that fairy tales exist and have existed in many different time periods and cultures. Mythology and the stories it consists of can be considered a version of fairy tales. My latest art concepts combine influences of Drag Queen art forms, fashion and the fairy tale character known as the Evil Queen.

My artwork is created through the use of a digital art software called Procreate. This is useful because it allows me to go back and forth with the details of my designs until it reaches the standard I feel comfortable with. Depending on the complexity of the design they can take between 1-3 days to complete as I work through each layer carefully to achieve the polished finish I desire for my pieces.