Cristina Madalina Bratu

BA (Hons) Fine Art | Class of 2021

My practice developed from researching feminism and exploring the female figure. The more I researched the more I discovered how the mental health of a woman can be affected, in that I struggled not only personal issues of mental health but I was becoming acutely aware of how many of these issues were causes and outcomes of outside issues capitalism, the stereotype of the male gaze and preferred white cis gender of the media. I decided that rather than generalise my artwork it had to be more personal, I therefore turned inwardly to looking at the self-portrait to project my feelings outwards.

I wanted to share my life with the world and my journey of becoming my true self so far. I have therefore included a multitude of aspects ranging from emotions, personal encounters, observations, objects, social media, advertising, cultural differences, existing symbolism both western and eastern in order to evolve my own creative voice and symbology.

These aforementioned aspects were then manipulated into works that are representative of my life to date via painting, drawing, tattooing and photography. I consider myself as a painter but also see the other medias I use as a way to best describe the difficult mental health issues I face as well as women in general.