Dani Morrison

BA (Hons) Photography, Video and Digital Imaging | Class of 2021

Born in the North East of England in a small mining village, Morrison has always had a passion for visual art. Attending two out of only four specialist art colleges within the UK at the time, she developed extensive experience and knowledge within the field. Consistently focusing on documentary photography, most recent works coincide with connections to the local mining communities of the North East. The work captures portraits that tell emotive narratives.

Studying Photography and Digital Imaging at BA level at the University of Sunderland has enabled Morrison not only to enhance her practice, but also refine her skills further.

Decades of Memories
Easington Colliery is a village in the North East of England. Stood in the centre of the village is an historic building, Easington Colliery County School. Built in the 1900s for the children of the booming coal industry workers, the two main buildings stand on a vast area on Seaside Lane. Now empty and dilapidated, they are a magnet for vandals and have an influx of pigeons. Without the funds to regenerate, the council have decided (with the consultation of residents), to bulldoze the structure and create a pocket park in the centre of the community.

Having stood for over 100 years, the narratives are significant. This work comprises recollections of a building at the heart of a community, portraits and archival material to help remember the building as it once was. Opting to include images of the structures before demolition will hopefully give you, the viewer, a greater idea of the huge task at hand. 

Hidden Pain
For those who suffer chronic pain, life can be exhausting. Using muted tones to mirror the absence of strength and energy on some of the most fatigued days, this work aims to encourage discussion about the hidden pain people are living with every day. 

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