Danielle Thompson

BA (Hons) Fine Art | Class of 2021

My practice consists of painting and printmaking however, this year I have focused on relief printmaking. This medium gives me a sense of freedom and a form of self-expressionism that I struggle to find when painting, I often get distracted with the amount of detail and tend to make my compositions too ‘precise’. In contrast to this when I work with linoleum; I draw and cut without hesitation.

A huge source of my inspiration is from the history and development of printmaking along with the artists who use this media. Paul Cézanne’s compositions encouraged me to dive further into an expressionistic approach to my composition styles, becoming diverse and free with limited information allowing me to progress. I created a balance between Cézanne and Natasha Russel a relief printmaker who created detailed work with overwhelming depth and mark making techniques.

After building a project around my experiences travelling in Scotland, I decided to use the landscape and mountains as a metaphor for my experience in University. For my exhibition I’ve made a tryptic of mountains to represent my growth and progression over the last three years. The composition presented is a combination of different medias and techniques I have experimented with; displaying my development and show a variation of style and mark making. Each composition represents the lessons and experiences I have learnt in printmaking during my time at University and how the medium has impacted my practice as an artist.