Eleanor Carney

BA (Hons) Artist Designer Maker: Glass and Ceramics | Class of 2021

Sometimes we wish the world were transparent, letting everyone see everything for what it is. Or sometimes we wish people could see inside us, whether spiritually or physically. Wouldn’t that make a doctor’s visit easier? As someone with an invisible condition Eleanor believes her life would be easier if others could see what is going on inside. And so, her work is currently dedicated to bringing metaphorical manifestations of the symptoms of the chronic condition Crohn’s Disease into a physical form. During 2019 Eleanor suffered a relapse of her condition taking her from her education, now back to her studies she has used the experience and battle as inspiration for her current project. She hopes that, by personifying her symptoms in an aesthetic and transparent form that people without invisible illnesses will gain a some understanding of the struggles.

Thanks to Neil Edwards, Zoe Garner and Jim Maskrey for making this work possible.

Work available for sale, contact artist for more information

Hot glass sculpture

Spite, Hot glass vessel, 30cm, Glass conker, 5cm

Hot Glass and rose branch sculpture

Natures Reasons, Hot glass vessel, 31cm, Rose branch cuttings, 10cm-14cm

Glass and Ceramic Sculpture

Fragile, Hot glass vessel, 28cm, Porcelain rose branches, 7cm-15cm

Hot glass, barbed wire sculpture

Caught, Hot glass vessel, 33cm, Barbed wire, 20cm

Hot glass and cast sculpture

Inflamed, Hot glass vessel, 30cm, Lamp work rose branches, 9cm-15cm