Ellena Hindmarsh

Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media Practice | Class of 2021


My project began by researching artists like Florence Given and Sara Andreasson who have explored similar ideologies to myself on intersectional feminism, focusing on women’s place in society and our lack of space via fashion illustration.

I started producing text-based posters using illustration and a selective colour palette that carried an unapologetic message to society; I developed this by minimising text and expanding the illustrations, displaying a range of unique caricatures. This change was supported by an influx of research into the lack of diversity in the fashion world, specifically advertisements.

My work shows a collective of marginalised groups that the majority of the fashion industry ignores, despite their weak attempts at tokenism. If I could expand, I would like to see my work develop into animation as a way to advertise for a label, similar to the way Sara Andreasson makes use of GIFs in her Nike campaign.