Ellise Adams

BA (Hons) Fine Art | Class of 2021

My practice has evolved into Realism with a mix of Expressionism. Being able to exaggerate features of myself allows me to feel better about myself in a peculiar way. Something I have carried throughout all my pieces is the use of lines, as I find it a great way to express myself.

Creating portraits of others has always been exciting to me. Being able to capture the likeness of someone accurately is something that I enjoy as it tests me as an artist. With this energy, I decided to create portraits of those closest to me during COVID-19 times. I wanted to convey their emotion through the drawing or painting, and create a profile for them. This pandemic has impacted everyone differently and I wanted to create a series to show we are all together.

My artists inspiration has been Egon Schiele, Hope Gangloff and Chuck Close. Artists who work within Realism, Surrealism and Expressionism movement are my biggest motivators, as this allows me to learn about how I want to expand my practice.