Emily Kitching

BA (Hons) Artist Designer Maker: Glass and Ceramics | Class of 2020

As an artist, my work is greatly inspired by nature. I adore my natural surroundings and I am constantly bringing elements of this into my pieces.
I am particularly inspired by plants and botanical specimens, finding specific interest in intricate forms such as seed pods. I gain further inspiration from coastal environments and the sea. I create pieces which are ambiguous, but that suggest they may be creatures found in the ocean, perhaps related to sea urchins and corals.

My main chosen medium is ceramics. I feel drawn to working with clay as I can work intimately with it, moulding and manipulating it both by hand and by using a range of tools. I prefer to hand-build my work, as it gives me the chance to change parts of it at will both by adding and taking away material and components.

From a personal perspective I find working with clay very therapeutic and I recognise that its natural origins help to link to the organic nature of my work.

Work available for sale, contact artist for more information