Emma Davison

BA (Hons) Photography, Video and Digital Imaging | Class of 2021

I am a photographer who loves seeing the world in different ways. My camera creates a sense of clarity and helps me to focus. I grew up in Newcastle Upon Tyne, but I now call Durham my home.

I love showing people how I see the world; that no matter how things might seem, there is always something to make you smile. I want my images to create an escape for people, even just for a moment.


Painting of Humanity
Emotions are powerful and can be overwhelming. They can raise you to the highest heights or drop you into despair in a moment. They are primal, instant and reactive; they are a biological reaction to the world around us.  Emotions are instinctive, instant reactions to things we see, smell, taste, or feel.
This work is an exploration of human emotion. Each image uses symbology and colour to represent or link to emotion and feelings. I have based this on my own emotional behaviour and reactions to stimulus.

This work is inspired by the more profound meaning and context within still life paintings. I want my work to offer a representation of humanity and explore how our life experiences define how we interpret the world around us.