Gemma Dobson

BA (Hons) Photography, Video and Digital Imaging | Class of 2021

Gemma Dobson is a conceptual photographer based in the North East of England. Gemma’s practice utilises photographic media to further her interest in the natural ways in which life goes on around us. Using a mixture of digital and physical art components, she aims to bring together the natural with the peculiar. Dobson has explored a range of themes in her work, from social issues (such as social media and identity) to childhood.


‘Lucy’ is a collection of found photographs, as well as text and drawings, put together to portray some of the best and most memorable moments of a life that has long since past.
We all have collections of family photographs, some we have never even thought to ask relatives about. There is never a better time to search through your own family albums and find out the fascinating stories behind each photograph, bringing you closer to your ancestors.