Harry Lynam

BA (Hons) Animation and Games Art | Class of 2021

As an aspiring 3D Artist, I have always had a fascination in how studios build interesting and diverse environments for Games and Films alike. Since my introduction to the course, I have been able to research and mimic the workflows used in my favourite pieces of media by using similar 3D modelling software. It has given me a better understanding and overall appreciation for the thought and time put into the media, whilst also giving me the ambition to become a part of the 3D Art industry. My time at university has also allowed me to experiment with future workflow techniques such as VR and Photogrammetry; with how many parts of traditional media are slowly implementing VR into their pre-production, I hope to move between the Games and Film industry with the transferable skills I have already and plan to learn going forward.

Harry Lynam - VR Game Walkthrough

Harry Lynam - Football Game Celebration