Jade Patterson

BA (Hons) Graphic Design | Class of 2021

I started out in 2018 with an interest in Graphic design that has since developed to a passion for digital illustration. I have always adored spending time exploring in nature and tend to reflect that naturally to my work. My love for people, wildlife and gardening are what mostly inspires my illustrations whether that be the likes of combining them (the Dandelion Lover illustration) or simply featuring floral elements throughout projects (Flora and Fauna). The purpose of my work is to showcase the beauty of the wild and natural world with others to kindle connections and provoke feelings of peace and love.

Animation is another one of my interests, I find that I can show so much of the story through animation and plan on pairing my main themes of wildlife alongside animation more in the future.

For illustrations I use Adobe Photoshop and for animation I use Illustrator and After-Effects.