Jonathan Stones

Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media Practice | Class of 2021

Behind Closed Doors

This project is a reference to the Hitchcock film Rear Window, I used the focus of the film, voyeurism, as the inspiration for my own sculptural, architectural piece. I want to make people observe and contemplate others’ lives; the related topics of poverty, love, hate, addiction and stress are represented as well as many other issues in the cell like boxes created. It is my intention to bring awareness to my audience that we never quite know the truths in peoples’ lives.

I researched Skid Row, an area in LA built by the American government to place all of their convicts and criminals in one place. Yet Hollywood, one of the most affluent places on earth, is a stone’s throw away. This gave me the idea of combining the positive and negative alongside one another. I wish to further this concept, perhaps via larger scale sculpture, possibly using historical references.