Jordan Thomas Younger

MA Fine Art | Class of 2020

Jordan’s work speaks about existential presence. The notion that we each experience a subjective reality, dictated by our backgrounds, that differs vastly from the base reality we reside in. For a large portion of his childhood and into his late teens, he states he lived on autopilot, as though watching the life of somebody else through their eyes, not his own. The act of painting breaks the cycle of the endless thought streams that govern our waking life, and allows us, if for a brief moment, to feel present and unguided by our problematic subconscious paradigms.  The paintings are predominantly painted in blue, which he says reflects the comfortability that society grants us. He uses metaphors such changes of state and defecation, to express the nature of God. Ice into water, water into vapour, seemingly nothingness into consciousness, sustenance into faeces.