Joseph Spence

BA (Hons) Photography, Video and Digital Imaging | Class of 2021

Joseph Spence is a photographer based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. He is currently Creative Intern at NEPN and formerly part of the digitisation programme at Amber Side.


When making this work there is a consideration of all of the elements that a photograph consists of; light, light-sensitive objects and processing tools. With that in mind, there is then a focus on how these elements can create something new when control and non-control are exercised, often leading to un-systematic, abstract results. This body of work is made to question our encounters with photography and challenge our idea of what photography is and should be.

Spence used a high-spec medium format digital camera to re-photograph the photographic paper in various arrangements creating a new abstract form. On the one hand, the photographs are representational yet abstract and indistinct. Throughout history, photography often has failed to display the truth and Multilayer attempts to demonstrate this.

Multilayer is a looped video projection. 455cm x 270cm