Karine Jay – EJinx

BA (Hons) Fine Art | Class of 2020

As a Pagan I want to show my opinion on the modern visualization of what people express as witchcraft. I do this by expressing and informing people about the subject though my artwork, rather than voicing it and becoming over the top, as I have seen people do with other religions. I make art pieces about a certain topic and then let the audience decide what they think. I then like to answer any questions people have about the subject when seeing my work. The pieces in my current work however have taken a different style than have done in the past, showing a darker and creepier vibe to it. I have taken the subject of dreams and tipped it into another direction. While most of my dreams being that of a Salem Witch Trails style. I have also taken other people’s dreams, but kept it within my art style.