Katie Sarah Carr

BA (Hons) Fine Art | Class of 2021

My current practice explores the subject of narrative. By creating semi-fictitious scenarios of family events and relationships, drawn from personal found photography. I offer situations to the viewer to interpret, evoking feelings of perhaps nostalgia, the uncanny, memory and joy. I intend for my viewer to try and dismantle the constructed imagery to find the narrative or feeling I wish to transmit as well as bringing their own knowledge to the work. I believe this to echo the nature of life itself, that it is difficult to separate ourselves from our histories as human beings.

Reference to Giotto di Bondone is made throughout my work. His early interpretation of perspective was the most insightful, however, and although for us today slightly naïve it gives the narrative the compositional structure to ‘play-out’. I have adopted this method into my own practice creating works where events are unfolding or have already taken place but retold from an isolated perspective. Often the narratives are frozen in frames. And while I employ the chronology of a story they are often separated or abstracted leaving a sense of uncertainty or awkwardness for the viewer.

The expression of my figures has an intentional reduced palette and childlike loose illustrative quality via the use of watercolour and oil pastel on paper. The looseness of the media reflects for me the uncertainty of memory can often offer as well as the fragility of the surface I apply them, paper.