Kelly Dunlop

BA (Hons) Fine Art | Class of 2021

Questioning the origin of originality, my work is often experimental, spontaneous and the outcome is sometimes unknown. Through repeated gestures and processes, I engage the freedom and ‘chance’ aspects of construction, multi printing and layering. I also experiment with sculpture, installation and digital media using various materials including metal, wood and wire.

My continued interest in the Constructivist movement, geometric abstraction and architectural line, space, form and colour, has resulted in both minimal and complex outcomes in my work.

More recently I have revived my drawing and painting practice during the pandemic as a means to help ease and express my mental wellbeing and anxieties. I find the repeated gestures and monotonous rhythmic process of doodling, reiterates to me the importance of the process of my art making rather than the finished outcome.

Existential line-making is something that can change direction or get confused in the middle of being made.