Laureta Ajemba

BA (Hons) Graphic Design | Class of 2020

My works are based on a series of real experiences and clients briefs to solve problems dictated both by a clear interpretation and in establishing a socially based concept. The projects are applied in a variety of outcomes for print and screen that include books, video, posters and business cards. The process for the real­isation of these products begins in experimental ideas, conceived in the analogue style, then developed and completed in the digital layout. The design that character­ises my works is a descriptive, detailed, demanding and illustrative design with interesting contrasting colours and a touch of creativity. I enjoy design that is precise and detailed; and I believe that these qualities are reflected in my work. I love to challenge and immerse myself in the design environment, believing that through this approach, the result at the end will have the impact that I strive for.