Loren Carr

BA (Hons) Fine Art | Class of 2020

My practice is an exploration into abstract painting, focusing mainly on the materiality of paint, its substance and physical qualities. I am interested in what paint can do and in manipulating the paint to push boundaries. Painting in the expanded field has been an interest in my work; experimenting with the paint itself and with mediums such as heavy structure gel to create impasto paint sculptures. Acrylic paint is the main medium; its qualities are an important factor like fast drying time.

I have created paintings on canvas, board, material and created sculptures using the paint solely, all on different scales. The tools used are palette knives, different types of paint brushes, pouring and squirting paint from the tube. Colour also has an important role in my work, examining the push and pull pictorial quality of colour. My work questions what a painting can be, appreciating the paint for what it is literally.