Lydia Henley

BA (Hons) Fine Art | Class of 2021

My current work is a response to the natural landscape and working traditions of the Northumberland Coast. A wooden shed, inspired by the many Fisherman’s stores on the island, houses a looped video projected onto the interior walls. This film illustrates the personal pilgrimage I have been making to the island and addresses the significance of place within my work.

The resulting performance is a documentation of simple interactions with the structures, debris and nature surrounding the boat sheds in the southern harbour. Simple acts and gestures illustrate the passing of time and changing weather. The viewer is invited to step into the replica wooden structure and immerse themselves in the sounds of the island, an experience which is at once familiar and misplaced. By recreating the wild nature of the island in a replicated structure in the gallery environment, the viewer is encouraged to pay closer attention to small details perhaps otherwise unnoticed.

Dissertation: Holy Island: An Accidental Pilgrimage