Margarita Lantoum

BA (Hons) Artist Designer Maker: Glass and Ceramics | Class of 2021

Inspiration can be drawn from a diverse range of influences, from what occupies the mind as well as from the things that make life more pleasant. Margarita is influenced by many things, from horror and sci-fi film genres, book illustrations, music, and postmodern architecture.  From writing and illustrating her own stories Margarita brings ideas about forms into being. All these things blend and translate into a physical form through sculptural vessels. Through her design she always tries to emulate rhythm, flow and space just like in music. Art has taught her that one can travel not only physically, but mentally and spiritually; art can be an escape from hard times. Her work is a window to the fantastical imagined world, and she invites you to come and visit it and maybe share your story too. By creating a world of your own everything is possible.


Hookah Vessel With Base, Glazed Stoneware, 37 x 32 cm


Flying Saucer Vessel, Glazed Stoneware, 16 x 35 cm


Live Wire Vessel, Stoneware, 25 x 13 cm


Geometric Bottle, Glazed Stoneware, 16 x 35 cm


Geometric Teapot, Stoneware, 14 x 37 cm