Nancy Dunne

BA (Hons) Photography, Video and Digital Imaging | Class of 2021

Nancy Dunne is a photographer who has just completed her BA in Photography. Born in Haltwhistle, Northumberland and based in the North East, her interest in photography was evident from a young age. Much of the work Dunne produces combines her love of nature and interest in environmental issues with her passion for photography. Her work aims to document and raise awareness of a variety of environmental issues, in the hope that it will lead to positive change for the future.


With an Abundance of Caution
The Covid 19 pandemic has changed so much over the past year. Everything, from how we work and exercise, to how we interact and socialise with friends and family has been changed in the name of safety. Shops, pubs and restaurants have closed. We have stayed at home, away from those we care about, to protect both them and others. 

This series documents the lifting of restrictions as the social places that were labelled ‘unessential’ begin to reopen, and we begin to take the first few steps towards normality, alongside the visible changes in the communal spaces that we all share in towns and cities in the North of England. These photographs stand as a record of a time quite unlike any other. 

Our economy and our agriculture owe billions of pounds to an overlooked and under-appreciated part of our ecosystem. Bees are in decline; victims of urbanisation, habitat loss and declining food sources. They are also suffering from the effects of harsh chemical pesticides that affect their reproduction, growth and ability to forage and fly. Approximately 30% of global food production is reliant on pollination; we cannot afford to lose these valuable insects, particularly from preventable destruction.

Social media campaigns by environmental groups such as Greenpeace UK and The Wildlife Trust have brought more public attention to the issue. However, the campaigns by these organisations tend to feature beautiful, bright, colourful photographs which undermine the seriousness of the issue. Apis strips back any distracting details, combining image and text to present a campaign highlighting the reality that, if changes are not made soon, we will continue to lose our pollinators at an alarming rate.