Penny Evans

BA (Hons) Fine Art | Class of 2020

My project is my twin daughters. I chose them as my subject as they are a massive part of my everyday life and I enjoy drawing and photographing them. My work started with simple acrylic painted portraits, but I soon started exploring more things that I could do with my work. I started manipulating my images in Adobe Photoshop. At first, I tried many different looks from the filter gallery but then found a filter called Torn Edges that I really liked and could use with a large amount off my photographs.

I enjoy the process of working with different styles and using a digital filter image which always comes out black and white when printed off. I think this is great, because I can then draw and trace the black parts of the image onto white paper and manipulate them further. This allows me to explore a range of colour and size by projecting and then painting the acrylic images onto a large size canvas . I then decided with my images being on a larger scale I would put down the brushes and try painting with my hands and fingers, which is fun, but also gives the painting a different look about them.

I have been influenced by many artists whose work has given me inspiration, whether it be in how they manipulate photos, or just using a variety of bright colours. The three artists who have particularly stood out and caught my eye are Katie M Berggren with her intimate moments of motherhood paintings, Amanda Greavette’s birth paintings and Iris Scott who gave me the idea of painting with my fingers.