Rosie Blackburn

Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media Practice | Class of 2021

Gender Precautions of the 21st Century

My project began with an article I read detailing ways in which women can try to prevent themselves from becoming victims of sexual assault or rape, suggesting ideas such as never having our hair tied up lest it be grabbed more easily. This emphasised to me the way in which women, in order to stay as safe, must abide by societal gender rules that can impact day to day decisions in relation to how we dress or act and restrict us in ways that can appear ridiculous to men.

My final works visually reference concrete poetry but present transcriptions of interviews that convey the similarities between the experiences of women of varying ages, relating to interactions with men, their safety and other issues they may have accepted or fought against. In future works I would like to expand this into documentary film and photography; possibly even producing a short film to explore the ideas more fully.