Rosie Callaghan

Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media Practice | Class of 2021

Lockdown Kicks

My aim within the Final Major Project was to center it around the aesthetic of the song ‘Teenage Kicks’, a tune produced by The Undertones which depicts the frustration of being a teenager. However, given today’s context, I decided to add in the theme of Covid-19 and lockdowns, leading to the title of ‘Lockdown Kicks’.

I used multiple collaged pieces that I had produced in different forms of print work to create the overall visual aesthetic. The photographs I used were all primary and became an integral part of my works presentation; the final installation presents a large, chaotic, collage-like piece on a wall. This project will develop my skills as an artist and benefit my future projects. After this course I aim to go onto working with a camera in a career that involves capturing moments in time or creating stories.