Samantha Tweddle

BA (Hons) Fine Art | Class of 2021

Throughout this year I have been focused, one way or another, on Landscapes.

I choose to represent both internal and external landscapes in an abstracted form with rich colouration and structural elements. Turning them into a compelling evocation of both my memories, emotions, and an abstracted British Landscape, producing a narrative linking location, emotion, form, and practice. My craving for the regular, structured, and controlled is still there but my current need for the more flowing abstract representation is taking precedence.

My current work is produced on a selection of plywood, paper, and untreated canvas substrates over which I apply acrylic, oil and inks. Taking inspiration from the sparse beauty of Georgia O’Keeffe’s work and the depth of Lawren Harris, I use my love of colour and the physicality of undulating movements to evoke a feeling of tranquillity that can only be found in nature.