Saskia Trueman

BA (Hons) Artist Designer Maker: Glass and Ceramics | Class of 2021

Saskia has explored mental health and its effects during this pandemic, experimenting with different materials to represent the various pressures and stress we suffer invisibly. She has used her own mental health issues to inspire mark making and drawing, creating a series of marks that were then reinterpreted as “monsters”. The monster drawings were then translated into clay bringing life to creatures that haunt us. She combined these monsters together as a series so that each one affects the others showing how great these issues can become if left to grow. She has decided to leave her works unfired and unglazed to remind us that we are stronger than our mental monsters which will disintegrate over time.

Ceramic sculpture

Marking shapes, glazed stoneware, 6cm x 4cm

Mental Monster 5, Stoneware, 12 x 21 cm

Shadows of Grip, Glazed Stoneware, 8 x 3.5 cm

Mental Monster 2, Stoneware, 15 x 17 cm

Water colour and pencil on paper A5

Shapes in lines, HB pencil and water paint, A5

Mental Monster 4, Stoneware, 18 x 20 cm

Mental Monster 3, Stoneware, 15 x 17 cm

A5 Drawing on paper

Organic shell design, HB pencil on paper coloured with water paints, A5


Demonic construction, Indian black ink, A2

Mental Monster 1, Stoneware, 19 x 17 cm